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Like Minds Youth Projects

Like Minds Youth Community Projects

Creative Minds is all about the community - whether it be the community we live in -  our friends, family and neighbours - or the theatre community that we perform in.


Creative Minds Community found there to be a market for the theatre community to give back to the wider community and so we created an avenue for those who wanted to perform,raise money for and awareness of local charities, and an understanding of topics that affect each of us in our daily lives.

'Creativity' defined as a contribution to creative arts, participation in activities that promote health and wellbeing and anything that uses a creative approach to achieve an outcome for positive change.

This may include, but is not restricted to, the following:

Creative Minds Community
  • Theatre Performance

  • Theatre Workshops

  • Theatre Classes

  • Professional Skills 

  • Drama

  • Dance

  • Musical Theatre

  • Singing

  • Technical Theatre

  • Self-confidence

  • Well being

  • Accessibility

  • Inclusivity

  • Disability Awareness

  • Collaboration

  • Youth Projects

  • Community Projects

  • Mindfullness

  • Learning Support

  • Community Outreach

  • Education

  • Participation