Established in 2005, the Creative Minds collective started as a small scale theatre production company, based in Surrey, under the name Creative Minds Productions (CMP)  

Providing musical and theatrical entertainment to bring the community together, we continue to run as a production house producing annual performances in local venues and hosting Community Events to bring the local community together through creative arts.

In 2016, we opened our Youth Theatre and Education facility under the name Creative Minds Academy (CMA) and we continue to grow the business in arts partnership with Camberley Theatre.

Brought together by directors, Polly and Eddie King, Creative Minds Productions established itself as a community theatre company made up of local performers, - amateur and professional - playing to local audiences in local community spaces, as well as arranging theatre events to bring the community together.  The Academy supports the teaching and learning of children and young people and encourage their engagement in the work of Creative Minds Productions.

2019 saw the establishment of the Creative Minds Community (CMC) which was formed as an outlet for Community Events and Theatre Projects including the 24 Hour Musical at Camberley Theatre.

The aim is to provide an inclusive atmosphere made accessible for anyone in the community, where the production values and final product are as important as the opportunities offered to the audience, cast and crew.  


Each production may benefit a chosen charity by way of donation, gift or performance.

What We Do

Why We Do It

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Bringing people together through creative arts has an impact on a person's wellbeing - we do it because it feels good!  

An increase in self-esteem, the development of social skills or finding a sense of purpose to engage in something new or challenging can be found through the events and projects provided and supported by the Creative Minds Community.

We hope to raise awareness of the opportunities available for individuals to develop and grow whilst 'giving back' to the community and fulfilling our aims to build better relationships with our community members and encourage more local groups to get involved with the work that we do.