About Us

Established in 2005, Creative Minds started as a small scale theatre production company based in Surrey, providing musical and theatrical entertainment to bring the community together.  We are now a thriving production house producing annual performances in local venues.

Brought together by directors, Polly and Eddie King, Creative Minds established itself as a community theatre company made up of local performers, - amateur and professional - playing to local audiences in local community spaces, as well as arranging theatre events to bring the community together.


The aim is to provide an inclusive atmosphere made accessible for anyone in the community, where the production values and final product are as important as the opportunities offered to the audience, cast and crew.  


Working with new writers offers a wealth of experience and knowledge to community performers and also allows Creative Minds to expose the creativity of the cast through improvisation work and workshopping theatre productions.


Each production will benefit a chosen charity by way of donation, gift or performance.

polly king

eddie king