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It all starts on Friday 2nd September
We're running our 5th 24 Hour Musical show
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updated 1st September 2022

Your 24 Hour 

Moment of Madness

This page is for the participants of the 24 Hour Community Challenge 2021!


This link will go live on Friday 2nd September for participants of the 24 Hour Musical 2022 only.

How does it work?

Usually the 24 Hour Musical follows the detail below:

6.30pm on Friday

The Cast and Crew assemble anytime from 6.30pm on Friday evening in the bar of Camberley Theatre.  Enjoy a drink with people, equally as nervous as you, before moving into the Function Room for a bit of a meet-and-greet.

7.00pm on Friday

The Production Team go through the welcome and introductions before the main administration and 'housekeeping'.  The cast will be handed details of the evening and any other show specific items that may be necessary.

7.30pm on Friday

The big moment.

The title of the 24 Hour Musical is revealed.

Overnight rehearsals begin immediately and the cast and crew work from 8pm Friday night through to 8am Saturday morning using all areas of the theatre.




Once the show in the main auditorium has finished at around 11pm, the technical team start working on the lighting, sound and set.

This is your #momentofmadness

and it continues through to the morning.

We use the Function Room (for music), the Upstairs Studio (for choreography), the bar/foyer/box office are for general practice and the bar seating area to have a cry and wonder what on earth you've signed up for!

There are two quiet zones from 11pm:  

The conference room is used for those wanting to run lines without the distraction and noise of singing, choreography and music around them.

The studio becomes an area of complete dark and quiet.  We expect the company to respect those that might need to sleep and keep this area as quiet as possible.

 If you need to rest, do!  This isn't a test but a personal challenge and if you need to sleep for a short time then, as long as we know where you are, we can work around it.

8.00am on Saturday

The all important breakfast call!

This is the one and only break where we ask all cast and crew members to leave the building and get together for a full fry up (or whatever your preference might be) to fuel you through the next 10.5 hours as you await the performance.

A definite highlight of the rehearsal period and our reward for a full night of singing and dancing!

6.30pm on Saturday

A short break to go to the dressing rooms, get into costume and prepare for the performance.

7.25pm on Saturday

Ladies and Gentlemen of the 24 Hour Musical Company - this is your beginners call!

7.30pm on Saturday

Its showtime!

Join us for the performance and support the efforts of the cast, crew and production team who have seen through their moment of madness.

10.30pm on Saturday


with a well deserved drink at the bar with family, friends and company members who have survived the 24 Hour Musical experience.


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