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Terms and Conditions of CMA

The signed enrolment form is a rolling agreement made between the student or the parent/guardian of each student under 18 years of age and the Creative Minds Academy (CMA).  It is a valid agreement at all times whilst the student is enrolled with the Academy and until such time as notice is given in accordance with the terms below.

1.  Upon registration and enrolment at the Academy, a deposit will be taken and held securely with CMA.  This deposit will be returned in your final invoice upon sufficient notice being given.  The deposit will be retained for the purposes of unpaid fees, outstanding payments for uniform or theatre tickets and in lieu of notice.


2.  Class fees will be invoiced termly.  Each invoice will detail the registered classes, tiered fees, payment details and due date.  Overdue fees may incur a late payment charge which will be added to the total amount owing.  For late payment reminders, a £25 administration fee may be added to the account. Continual non-payment of fees may lead to the student being denied tuition at the Academy.  

3.  Notice of half a term (typically 5 weeks) must be given in writing, when reducing attended sessions or for withdrawal from the Academy, in order to terminate this agreement.  Fees will still be due even if the student is unable to attend class until the completion of the notice period.  Fees are non-refundable if a student decides to leave the course unless there are extraneous circumstances agreed with the Academy.

4.  No refunds can be given for days when the student is not in attendance.

5.  Classes/Workshops will not be 'made up' if the Student is unable to attend the usual class time.

6.  Class places are only secure once full payment has been made.

7.  Refunds will only be offered if classes are cancelled by the Academy due to a fault of the company.  CMA will not be financially liable for classes or cancellation dates due to events beyond our reasonable control.  

8.  Correct uniform must be worn by students whenever they are in attendance at the Academy or representing the Academy at an event.  Details of the current uniform can be obtained by your class teacher.

9.  The Code of Conduct and Consent can be found on the reverse of the enrolment form.  In line with these agreements, CMA retains the right to exclude any student from the Academy, or to ask any student or parent/guardian to leave the Academy and the building/venue, should their behaviour be found to be in violation of the Code of Conduct.  In such circumstances, no refund of fees will be due to the Student / Parent / Guardian from the Academy.

10.  Creative Minds Academy guarantees to provide the services advertised as weekly Youth Theatre Workshops, Academy classes or holiday workshops.  CMA will always attempt to have the full range of advertised classes on offer, however, we retain the right to change the advertised programme of classes in the event of illness or other circumstances beyond our control.  

11.  Our Child Protection Policy can be found along-side our other Policy and Procedure documents.  Any parent/guardian or student can view this if and when requested.  In line with this policy, all of the teachers employed directly by CMA have had an Enhanced Disclosure Check completed before the commencement of their employment, ongoing first aid and safeguarding training and cover under Creative Minds Academy Public Liability Insurance.

12.  The parent/guardian gives permission for the Academy to use still and video images of the Student in publicity materials and for online marketing purposes.  Should the parent/guardian wish the Student to be excluded from publicity materials, this should be noted in writing on the enrolment form.  Any photography or videography taken by teachers or professional photographers on behalf of the school remains for the private use of the school.  Photos/videos used for marketing materials or the website is only done so with the consent of the parent/guardians and the credited photographer.  No personal information is linked to the photographs.

13.  Under GDPR regulations, the information on a student enrolment form will be kept for CMA records in accordance with our Data Protection  / Privacy Policy.  These details will not be shared with any third party and will only be used by CMA for communication purposes and information updates regarding Academy and Holiday Workshops*.  CMA will only disclose information to a third party where the law allows or requires, or where you have given permission to do so.  We may, from time to time, contact you individually about selected services which we feel may be of interest to you.  This will be communicated to members of the Academy via email or group message as indicated on the enrolment form.


14.  Following the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it has been necessary to add details to our Terms and Conditions for use in extreme situations.  In such situations, the following may be put into practice:

  • In-person teaching may be moved, with immediate effect, to online learning via a remote teaching platform (Zoom).  

  • Refunds will not be given for classes that are still on offer via the online platform.

  • Staff and Students will be expected to abide by the Online Learning Statement and Remote Learning Policy.

  • Class plans and Learning Objectives may be altered to allow for online teaching.

  • End of year productions may be postponed/cancelled at the discretion of the Academy.

Updated September 2020 to take effect from January 2021.