Frequently asked questions

How long do your classes last?

The Tots and Tinies classes are designed for little ones and we therefore run reduced lesson time at 30 minutes per session. Our Academy classes last for 1 hour per discipline. Our Youth Theatre sessions are 2 hours per discipline. Each session is delivered to the individual needs of the group and our staff are equipped to deal with different ages and standards within one group.

What is the difference between a class and a workshop; a session and a course?

Our classes teach the skills - Our workshops put the skills into practice. The Saturday Academy classes teach the basic skills. The Youth Theatre Workshops put these skills into practice. A session is a one off event - such as a class or a workshop A course is a number of sessions linked with a specific outcome - such as a Holiday Workshop or our Advanced Skills Course.

If I want to take part in a Youth Theate session, do I have to attend the Academy classes?

No. We run our Youth Theatre and Academy classes as independent sessions and you do not have to attend one in order to attend the other.

If I attend the Saturday Academy, do I have to go to all 4 sessions?

No. The Saturday Academy can be attended on a mix and match basis.

What will I learn at the Academy?

In an effort to enhance the experience of each student, the learning through practical application of technique and further developement of skills enables individuals to be work independently and broaden their understanding to gain knowledge of all aspects fo theatre production and performance. The end result is a student who has a diverse knoweldge of theatre as a whole and they gain valuable skills which are of benefit, not just in the world of Performing Arts, but in the wider community. These skills can include: Personal Discipline - Time Management - Self Confidence - Adaptability and Flexibility - Initiative - Ability to work under pressure - Independent Thinking - Collboration and Teamwork - Understnading and Lisening Skills - Respect - Abilit to think quickly and 'outside of the box' - Communication Skills - Leadership Skills - Creative Thinking - Problem Solving - Recognition and Respect for rules and guidelines - Motivation and Commitment - Dedication and most of all Enjoyment!

Can I attend a trial?

Yes. We offer a free trial at the beginning of each term. We ask that interested parties contact us by email to arrange a trial so that students can be added to the register and the tutor can welcome them on the day.

What do you mean by 'discipline'?

In every area of theatre there are different disciplines of study. We cover the basic disciplines of performance (Acting, Singing, Musical Theatre and Dance) in our weekly Academy classes; these disciplines are them demonstrated in our Youth Theatre sessions. The basic disciplines of production for Technical Theatre (Lighting, Sound and Stage Management) and Stage Craft (Props, Wardrobe, Make Up and Wigs) are covered in our Youth Theatre and Advanced SKills Technical Theatre Workshops.

What do you mean by 'Advanced Skills course'?

Our short term courses are designed to introduce, improve and advance performance and production skills whilst gaining professional standard experiences (and sometimes qualifications). These courses focus on one area of performance or produciton and may run as a single session, 5 week intensive course or 10 week termly project. You may not necessarily need prior experience to attend the course, but an interest and understanding of the subject matter would be an advantage. Such courses might include: Stage Combat - Acting Through Song - Audition Techniques - Monologue Preparation - Musical Theatre Styles and Repertoire - or West End Masterclasses with professional guest tutors.

What ages do you cater for?

We run classes for all age groups. Please check out the timetable for our most up to date list of classes. Tots and Tinies (under 4) Minis (4 - 7 years) Juniors (8 - 11 years) Inters (11 - 14 years) Seniors (14 - 18 years) Advanced Skills (18+ years) Adult (18+)

Do I have to be a member of CMA to join a class or workshop?

If you would like to join the Saturday Academy or weekly Youth Theatre then we require you to register with us and become a 'member' of the Academy. This is necessary for us to have your contact information and any medical, allergy or personal information that may assist us with the teaching preparation and your personal care whilst you are with us at the Academy. We do not ask you to become a member if you are joining us for a Holiday Workshop.

Do I have to attend each week?

Signing up to the Academy Classes or weekly Youth Theatre is a commitment and shows a dedication to your learning, but also to the other members of your class. In order to put on a show, it is essential that everyone attends as regularly as they can in an effort to work with and practice (rehearse) the production. Sometimes this isn't possible - illness, school/work commitment, family event - and we are very understanding of these things, however, we do ask that if you sign up to the Academy Classes or Youth Theatre that you are aware of the full time commitment for both student and parent.

Will I get to perform on the main stage at Camberley Theatre?

Yes. There are a number of opportunities for you to take part in productions at the theatre as well as other venues in the local area.

How much are your fees?

The Fees information is available on request and details are kept in the members area once you have signed up to the Academy.

Do you offer assisted places?

We try to provide as many students with learning and participation opportunities as we can. If you find that you are in financial difficulty and cannot afford the fees, please talk to us. We run a Bursary and Sponsorship programme which may be able to help you for a period of time - this could be a term, a year or a one off bursary.

Do you have a uniform?

Yes. We have a standard Black T-Shirt with the CMA logo which we ask all students to wear, along with black trousers/leggings/jogging bottoms, as their standard uniform. There are additional items which you can purchase including: A CMA logo Hoodie A CMA logo Varsity Jacket A CMA logo Drawstring bag A CMA logo tote bag We also provide footwear to purchase such as jazz shoes or character shoes. It is advised that all students have black jazz shoes to wear in performance.