Tots (under 3s)  |  Tinies (pre-schoolers - Reception) |  Minis (4 - 7 years) School year R - Year 2 | 
Juniors (8 - 11 years) School year 3 - year 6 |  Inters (11 - 14 years) School year 7 - year 9 | 
Seniors (14 - 18 years) School year 10 - 13 |  Adults (18+)

Due to the current situation with C-19 we are revising our timetable and will be implementing changes from January 2021.


Minis | Juniors | Inters

Junior & Senior Youth Theatre

Also known as Drama

Encouraging self-confidence by developing listening skills and building teamwork through creative and imaginative learning, exploration of the voice, physicality and imagination.

Students will improve concentration, communication and improvisation skills.


Minis | Juniors | Inters

1:1 Tuition

Using vocal control to work together and create ensemble sound, harmonies and gain confidence in solo singing, looking at musicality, rhythm and timing students will be guided through the correct and safe use of the voice.


Tots & Tinies | Minis | Juniors

Inters | Adults


Learning and developing physical movement and control - co-ordination, balance, musicality and timing as well as increasing physical strength and stamina.

Using combination steps, travelling, turning and technical movement in sequences either to music or unaccompanied. 

Technical Skills


Understanding the role and responsibility of each department (lighting, sound and stage management) and gaining knowledge by working individually and as part of the wider team to prepare and support a theatre production.  

Musical Theatre

Minis | Juniors | Inters

Junior & Senior Youth Theatre


The art of combining spoken dialogue with song and movement to deliver a story.  Equal importance is given to vocal and physical development and demonstration of technique to communicate.  Performance skills and self-confidence will be encouraged and developed.


Juniors | Seniors

Students have the opportunity to take examinations in Musical Theatre and Acting, Solo or Group pieces, with LAMDA or Trinity College, London.